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"The result (of work with Aspire) will be a better, more effective leader who makes greater contributions to business, to community, and to people."
~Senior Leader, Fortune 100



"Mary Jo is one of the state's most respected coaches."
~CEO, non profit
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Mary Jo Asmus PCC is the founder and President of Aspire Collaborative Services, an executive coach, writer, and consultant who partners with the responsible parties in organizations to develop and administer coaching programs.

Mary Jo has years of experience coaching hundreds of successful executives to change the way they view themselves and others in order to develop the workplace relationships that will make them extraordinary leaders. Her clients learn ways of “being” and “doing” that call forth their strengths, honoring the best in themselves and in others. Her coaching style is both affirmative and direct.

Mary Jo owns and operates Aspire Collaborative Services LLC, an executive coaching firm that provides coaches and manages coaching programs with executive coaches who are seasoned business leaders with a proven track record of high quality coaching and a dedication to ethics. Mary Jo authors a popular, award-winning blog about work relationships for leaders ( She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation.  She is a leader in the executive coaching profession and is a founding board member and past president of the ICF Michigan state coaching chapter. Mary Jo can be reached at 269-372-2688 or



Sandy Carter has spent the last thirty years immersed in the dynamics of personal, interpersonal and organizational change. She has coached a range of leaders and has worked extensively with individuals, boards of directors and various management teams.

Sandy’s coaching approach assists leaders to grow and integrate in new and changing environments. She grasps complexities and has a focus on possibilities. Sandy is a long-range thinker and fosters collaboration, building trust and promoting unity within organizations. Her life mission is to support leaders in realizing their potential.

Sandy is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She sits on the Professional Coaches of Michigan Board of Directors (PCAM), and on the Advisory Board for the Wharton Center at Michigan State University.  Sandy has her PhD in Organizational Management with a specialization in Leadership.



Barb Grigsby brings both depth and breadth of professional and personal experience to each of her clients.  She uses an integral approach that assists leaders to see themselves differently, to approach their business and managerial challenges with less judgment and more curiosity, and to discover ways to evoke the best of each person in the organization.  Her clients are corporate executives at mid-level and above as well as non-profit professionals.   

Her individual executive clients appreciate Barb’s ability to be both direct and compassionate.  They learn more about what motivates them to react in predictable ways and how to “unhook” from lifetime patterns that no longer serve them.  Through Barb’s integral coaching approach, each client feels seen, heard, and ultimately empowered to shift his/her behavior in the direction of growth.

Barb has 9 years of experience coaching executive clients/business leaders.   She is a graduate of New Ventures West, an ICF accredited coaching school.  Prior to turning her full attention to coaching, Barb spent over 25 years with Fortune 100 companies in Retail, High Technology, and Telecom industries. She is committed to her community and serves on a number of nonprofit boards dedicated to the education of underprivileged children.  She is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Professional Coaching Association of Michigan.  



Jean Johnson has a commitment to supporting leaders to leverage and enhance their leadership capabilities and create the most rewarding future for themselves and their organizations.

She works with talented individuals as a catalyst for enhanced professional effectiveness with a holistic approach emphasizing the inherent wisdom within each of us. Through their work together, clients are able to see new possibilities for their professional development and life quandaries.  As a leadership coach, Jean’s typical clients include leaders facing challenges and professional transitions. Her experience spans the business, non-profit, governmental sectors and education sectors.

Jean is Jean is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching program at Georgetown University and is an ICF credentialed coach, a lifelong learner and an enthusiastic partner in service to supporting leaders’ goals.



Paul Knudstrup is an author, trainer, executive coach, and facilitator who has helped thousands of managers, executives, and professionals reach their full potential. His work has taken him into hundreds of organizations of all types and sizes as he works with individuals and teams to increase their success in a rapidly-shifting and ever-changing world.

Paul’s approach to coaching combines his considerable and varied expertise as a manager, leader, and consultant with a gift for helping people explore, understand, and leverage their individual talents and aspirations. In addition to working with corporate, nonprofit, and government clients all over the U.S., Paul has served as faculty, speaker, or workshop leader for a number of university management and leadership programs.

Paul is the author of The 8 Essential Skills for Supervisors and Managers (2010).



Mary Sue Reining is an Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Consultant with more than 27 years of senior level business experience leading, assessing, partnering and coaching executives and leaders, helping them upgrade their performance for both current and future positions and assignments.  Known for her professionalism, exceptional interpersonal skills, and her proven business acumen, she enables her clients to stretch and achieve the desired level of performance and career satisfaction. 

Mary Sue’s experience and accountability for fiscal results and people leadership coupled with her formal training in organizational development and corporate coaching enable her to build strong relationships based on trust and credibility with her clients in all business sectors. A graduate of Corporate Coach University, with nine years of executive coaching experience, Mary Sue is an avid learner and invests continually in her own growth and development. 


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