October Leadership Development Carnival: Autumn Fun Edition


Up here in the Northern U.S., the birds are flocking and the leaves are falling. With the frivolity of summer but a distant memory, we all seem a bit more serious. Aw c’mon, let’s take a break and have a little fun. Pull up a tall glass of warm apple cider (with a shot of something that has a kick if you’d like) and grab some donuts while you learn from the top leadership readers on the net and consider some autumn fun.

Cheer for your favorite players from the Big Ten:

Our regular referee for the carnival positions himself in the backfield today, but will return for the next game in November. Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership announces a penalty in Individual Development Plans are Worthless….if No Action is Taken.

Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace plays defense to those who think there isn’t a place for emotions in the workplace with Emotions, Work and Engaged Employees.

Jane Perdue of Get Your Leadership Big On! is on Steve’s team as she carries the ball toward the goal line with Do Feelings Have a Place in Business?

Becky Robinson at LeaderTalk inspires us with a rarely seen drop kick in Measuring Results. She deserves a game ball for this beautiful play.

Wally Bock at the Three Star Leadership Blog teaches us that We’ve got Leaders. What We Need is Leadership. Thanks for the wisdom, coach!

Bret Simmons takes us into sudden death overtime as we reflect on the importance of self management in leaders: Prudence: An Undervalued Virtue of Leadership.

Tanveer Naseer helps leaders’ to protect their blind side with tips on how to ease someone back into the team after an absence in Helping Employees Regain Their Productivity After A Prolonged Absence .

Gwyn Teatro of You’re Not The Boss of Me plays quarterback as she leads discussion of the next play in the huddle with Managing and Leading….Lessons from Gilbert and Sullivan .

Mark Stelzner of Inflexion Advisors reflects on a winning organizational team that made it to the Workplace Super Bowl in The Best Company I’ve Ever Worked For .

Jennifer Miller of The People Equation scores a touchdown by showing us research that dispels a multitasking fantasy in Great Leaders Don’t Multitask. Your fans are cheering you on, Jennifer!


Take a fall color tour:

Jason Seiden of Fail Spectacularly! provides a colorful dialog of how magical our world is and what curiosity can do to foster creativity in Science Discovers Couples Share 6th Sense.

Miki Saxon of MAPping Company Success reminds us that managers need to mind their unconscious reactions in order to have creativity flourish in its splendor in Fostering Creativity.

Bret Simmons at LeaderLab takes us beyond the blue sky of servant leadership and gives it strong roots by describing research and practical tips for embedding its practice in Servant Leadership in the Workplace.

Anne Perchel of Germane Consulting shows us the magnificence of our minds in Book Review: What Goes On Inside Our Heads.

Steve Boese of Steve Boese’s HR Technology shows how quickly small acorns can grow into the mighty oaks of an ‘A’ Team in Quick – Send in the ‘B’ Team

Michael Lee Stallard entices us to take a break on our tour…er, journey…. and ponder The Pride Paradox.

Thomas Waterhouse on the Lead Change Group blog discusses the many facets and colors of trust in A Trusting Character.

Sylvia Lafair takes us on a tour of boss-bashing, showing us the many shades of how it becomes nasty and public in Bad Boss Revolution.

Paul Knudstrup, of The 8 Essential Skills is driving on tour right behind Sylvia with a nod toward managers who are doing the right things in Employers and Employees.

Kevin Grossman at the Glowan Consulting Group helps us to consider the changing nature of what it takes to make it in the workforce these days in Adaptability, Inc. is hiring. I wish I would have told him that.

Nick McCormick at Joe and Wanda on Management provides us with an auditory bit of fresh autumn air with an interview on Managing Your Boss with Bob Seldon.


Enjoy the Autumn Harvest:

Barry Zweibel at GottaGettaBLOG! harvests some disengagement statistics in A Manager’s Focus Matters.

Benjamin McCall’s thoughts bear fruit at ReThinkHR on Employees Only Have So Much Power.

Tom Magness at Leader Business separates the wheat from the chaff in describing what it really means to be Leading in Chaos.

Michael Cardus at Create Learning cultivates some thought with Goal Setting: Solving Problems in Line with Values and Commitment.

Chris Stowell at the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness finds fertile ground on Scorecards: Putting for Dough .

Jesse Meijers sows seeds of thought with Intrinsic Motivation vs. Extrinsic Motivation .

Rajesh Setty ‘s ideas flower on Why MANY Smart People Face a Mid-Career Dilemma and How You Can Avoid It.

Lynn Dessert plants some thoughts about leadership development at Elephants at Work on Is Your Organization Teaching the Right Lessons to Build Executive Talent?

Laura Schroeder at Working Girl clears the ground for a comparison between our workplaces and a popular TV show in The Gleeful Workplace.

Gayathri Moosad picks 20 Essential Leadership Skills for us to consider.

That’s it for this month. The Carnival will be back at Great Leadership in November. Have a wonderful Fall season.


I am a former executive in a Fortune 100 company. I have owned and operated an executive coaching firm since 2003 called Aspire Collaborative Services LLC. We partner with great leaders to help them become even greater at developing, improving, and sustaining relationships with the people who are essential to their success. This blog is for leaders and those who help them to be more intentional about relationships at work. My top personal values include respect for others, kindness, compassion, collaboration and gratitude. I work very hard at practicing my values daily and when I don’t succeed, I practice some more. I am married with two wonderful daughters and two spoiled pugs.

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