A Life at Work, by Thomas Moore

After months of being distracted by my life at work, I was able to complete Thomas Moore’s current book, “A Life at Work”. Mr. Moore is the author of “Care of the Soul”, a favorite of mine. This current book appealed to me as I’ve had many executive clients who are looking for meaning in their current work or are restless in their current positions.

Note: this is not a book about getting a job. This is a book aptly subtitled “The joy of discovering what you were born to do”.

Moore writes very simply, but with great depth and obvious (personal?) passion about the topic. His philosophies about finding a person’s life work are aligned with my own, although he has managed to make me think a little more broadly about what it means to have work with meaning. He uses myth, archetypes, psychology, philosophy in his writing.

I highly recommend the book for anyone who is seeking, has sought, or has found the work they love. Truly inspirational.

An interview with Mr. Moore about this latest book can be found here.

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  1. Hi Mary Jo,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your favorable response to Thomas Moore’s A Life at Work. It’s encouraging that someone with your extensive business experience recommends this book. Your readers and you may be interested in a blog dedicated to Moore’s work, Barque: Thomas Moore, at http://barque.blogspot.com . It links to a free online forum for those interested in his ideas.

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