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Archive for August, 2009

August Leadership Development Carnival

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on a warm beach with a tall glass of lemonade (or something stronger) and some great reading. Refresh your thirst for knowledge with some great mid-summer submissions to the August Leadership Development Carnival.

As your guest-host for the Carnival this month, I’m grateful to Dan McCarthy for the wonderful community of leadership bloggers he’s created, and it looks like there are some new faces in the mix.

We’ll start out with our regular host, Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership who walks us through a step-by-step process on How to Create a Shared Vision Statement. The real deal, folks; you need to bookmark this one.

Art Petty at Management Excellence offers some advice with his coffee at Leadership Caffeine: Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I First Became a Leader.

Wally Bock at his Three Star Leadership Blog shows us that boss’s aren’t the only ones that want productive workplaces, and provides a few practical pointers on how boss’s can encourage productivity in Productivity is a Characteristic of a Great Working Environment.

Becky Robinson at LeaderTalk clues us into knowing when to switch directions in Good Ideas Gone Bad.

Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace provides us with a lot of thought with Valueless Leadership .

Bret L. Simmons provides some ideas about how to increase flow at work in the appropriately titled piece, Flow.

Gwyn Teatro at You’re Not the Boss of Me provokes us into wondering what it will take to give performance reviews real meaning in The Dreaded Performance Review.

John Agno of Coaching Tip – The Leadership Blog knows that when Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google said the best advice he had received was from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” John adds his own reasons in Why Personal Coaching?

Mike King at Learn This provides us with his list of 100 Ways to Be a Better Leader. Perhaps some new goals to work on after you are done with your lemonade?

Inflexion Advisors remind us that Common Sense is Not So Common using a hilarious story. Those guys at that unnamed company – what a fun bunch :^).

Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender reminds us that it is how we handle misunderstandings that define us as a leader in Misunderstandings.

Chris Young at The Maximize Possibility Blog reminds us of the importance of a “can do” attitude in What is Your Man in the Moon Mindset?

After more than two decades of research on the subject of training global managers to develop an appreciation for the differences inherent among cultures, Holly Tompson at the Productivity Blog asks the question, Culturally Sensitive Global Managers: Are We There Yet?

Nick McCormick at Joe and Wanda on Management describes how a penny saved really is a penny earned in The Penny Challenge when it comes to giving positive feedback to your employees.

Alice Snell at the Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions provides a snapshot of the business case for having a great talent management program in Talent Management Correlations.

David Zinger at Employee Engagement Zingers discusses how leaders should Stand Out then Blend In: Ideal Leadership for Employee Engagement .

Shawn Driscoll prepares us to stand out with What is Your Signature Difference?

Tom Magness at Leader Business defines synergy as “the whole is made greater than the sum of its parts.” Making something greater requires leadership. He shows us this in Synergy – Part I.

Vidyut Kale at Footprints on the Mountainside makes the argument for a leader to have great listening skills in Listening Skills for the Leader.

Andrew Rondeau at Great Management Tips reminds us that regular training and development programmes increase job satisfaction and morale among managers and of employees in Benefits to Management Development Programmes.

Dragos Roua writes about his HR principles as a leader of online businesses at his Dragos Roua – The Choice Of A Personal Path blog in The Making Of An Online Business – The Team .

Miki Saxon at MAPping Company Success reminds us that when setting out to change culture it’s important to remember that changes won’t happen if the underlying MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy?„¢) isn’t addressed in Changing Company Culture.

Jesse Meijers describes how to get people to take responsibility instead of telling them what to do in What Yo
u Need to Know About Responsibility

Kyle Ryman at Leadership Development for Professional Leaders tells us about one of the five core roles of leadership in The 5 Core Roles of Leadership: The Visionary .

Nissim Ziv at Job Interview Guide prepares CEO’s who are interviewing for new positions in Interview Questions for CEO Position – Answers & Tips .

Andrew Peel at APeel Solutions brings some leadership lessons learned from Star Trek in Competence – The Force Multiplier.

DeMarcus at Self Improvement Articles describes what it takes in Become a Leader.

Matthew Paulson at American Consumer News writes about Employee Training for Small Business Owners.

Even though this one isn’t “Leadership Development” in the strictest sense, it has value to leaders. Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People brings us full circle to (ahh…..) 5 Good Ways to Ground Yourself.

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