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Due to the work with my executive coach, I am making a big impact in a short amount of time. My team, peers, and manager have noticed significant changes in how I lead.

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Mary Jo provided a path and new perspective towards solving team conflicts. She offered the change in approach we needed to move beyond personalities to becoming an effective team.

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Highly interactive and engaging, Coaching for Breakthrough Performance struck the right balance of concept, example and practice. It was among our top-rated workshops of the year.

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Current Posts on Leading Others

Four ways to move beyond berating yourself

Good, kind, empathetic leaders (yes, they’re out there!) are especially vulnerable to having negative self-talk. This can take the form of ruminating and spinning about things they inadvertently did or didn’t do to others. Does this sound like you? Berating yourself for something you’ve done in the past can’t help you to move forward. You’ll […]

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Breaking the sound of silence

In 1964, Paul Simon wrote a song called Sound of Silence that became planted in our brains and endures today. When Simon was asked how he, as a 21-year old lyricist, could come up with words with such deep meaning, his response was that he didn’t know. So, like many forms of art the meaning […]

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